Sunday, November 29, 2009

winter has started

as winter has come, my loneliness came too

ALL of my partner-in-crime friends are dating,
and guess what? im left behind
i hate those feelings

last week I'm crying like baby when i heard my beloved sister were in pain and sick;
and i convinced myself to take care of my sister
find her good partner before myself!

hmm, i thought of one who can be with my sister,
hope he wants it

Friday, November 6, 2009

Kmrn malam chatting ama ce nini lagi,
and remember that i forgot my daily bread~!
that i should start it by today.
Jadi mulai hari ini gw doa puasa, doakan berhasil ya =]

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winter starts

3 days have been the coldest day since the second semester i came here

yesterday was a hectic and fun day
we cooked some indonesian food *since we missed them so*
my part was Perkedel,
but because of my stupid friend who told me to steam the potato first before frying it, then the Perkedel was not as good as the first one i made here,,
but overall ok, coz they (korean and others) liked it =]

we drank korean wine or what they called it "soju"
at first it tastes like the liquid is attacking your throat and your nose, but then you will taste the sweetness =D~
soju + harbin beer + chips + cards = fun?
hmm, actually it is quite fun, but when you get drunk it is not really fun~
you will do crazy things and forget it all the next morning you wake up
so, tasted a lil bit of soju, chips, play cards and voila it's fun too without being drunken.

Ko kemana sih dirimu? kok hilang?
Jadinya berasa yang namanya lelaki itu brengsek!


i believe that someday my goodman will come and rescue me =P
good man, you are my first love,