Saturday, December 20, 2008


sesuai judul posting kali ini,
gw mau ngumumin kalo finally gw lulus!
dengan catatan "very honourable pass"

memang gw udh tebak gw cuman dapat vhp, soalnya pas ujian kemaren mmg gw belum kasi all the best =[
workshops gw gagal
ujian paper sih lumayan
so sad
padahal ngidam nya yang very honourable pass with congratz from jury

tapi ya suw
apa bole buat
that was the result of what i have done for 2 weeks of final exam!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trial Exam

well, aku jadi ikut2an bobby aka bencong dhe
awalnya sih ngga mau nulis hasil trial exam kemaren,
but then i was inspired by my friend =]

1. HMCS paper (4subjects)
aku ngga bisa sales and marketing & HR *as usual*
kalo hitung2an, i think i made some mistakes

2. TCS paper (3subjects)
i switched between vodka and gin *arrggghh* which lead to mistakes in the next number huhuhuhuhu
purchasing, cant do the 2nd number, i forgot it!
kitchen, cant do those damn question!

3. applied science
i have done my best, and i think there are so many mistakes

4. Environment
writing 800 words was quite easy but the thing is that i can not develop the idea! huhuhu

5. Kitchen
got chicken, mousseline, vegetable puree *yaayyy*
was praised for the taste of my pumpkin puree =]
but i forgot to put the green leaves *shoootttt!*
and for the imposed dish i got gratinated filled crepes *bener ga sih ini namanya? lupa.. auk ahhh* -> komi ku yang buat jadi best nyeeee

6. Workshops
1 - Ms Linda for Childhood education conference, wasnt nervous but i jump here jump there haha =]
2 - Mr joaquim for fruit carving for vip guest *yaaayy*
3 - Mr Khairool for identifying glassware and polishing, praised for the interesting training session but i did bad in the product knowledge, as i mentioned the neck for the stem *shoot*
4 - Mr Murad for fruit carving, well i did very bad in here, i forgot to ask critical question, as i have finished the session in 15 mins, whereby usually is 30 mins huhuhuhu

7. Malay listening and oral
damn, i screwed up my Malay!!!!

this is it!!

result on tuesday at 5pm
hope to get good result ♥

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i am confused...
with myself
with my friends
with them

kenapa sih dunia ini aneh?

1st him:
kenapa sih dia berubah?
dia kok jadi baik ama aku?
remember my last few posts subjected 'dia'?

another him:
aku kok jadi semakin ilfeel ama him #2.
him #2 is nice, is polite, is gentle,
and also
is so mysterious

up to now, him baru 2 orang
jangan nambah dhe,
bikin pusing
haha =]