Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trial Exam

well, aku jadi ikut2an bobby aka bencong dhe
awalnya sih ngga mau nulis hasil trial exam kemaren,
but then i was inspired by my friend =]

1. HMCS paper (4subjects)
aku ngga bisa sales and marketing & HR *as usual*
kalo hitung2an, i think i made some mistakes

2. TCS paper (3subjects)
i switched between vodka and gin *arrggghh* which lead to mistakes in the next number huhuhuhuhu
purchasing, cant do the 2nd number, i forgot it!
kitchen, cant do those damn question!

3. applied science
i have done my best, and i think there are so many mistakes

4. Environment
writing 800 words was quite easy but the thing is that i can not develop the idea! huhuhu

5. Kitchen
got chicken, mousseline, vegetable puree *yaayyy*
was praised for the taste of my pumpkin puree =]
but i forgot to put the green leaves *shoootttt!*
and for the imposed dish i got gratinated filled crepes *bener ga sih ini namanya? lupa.. auk ahhh* -> komi ku yang buat jadi best nyeeee

6. Workshops
1 - Ms Linda for Childhood education conference, wasnt nervous but i jump here jump there haha =]
2 - Mr joaquim for fruit carving for vip guest *yaaayy*
3 - Mr Khairool for identifying glassware and polishing, praised for the interesting training session but i did bad in the product knowledge, as i mentioned the neck for the stem *shoot*
4 - Mr Murad for fruit carving, well i did very bad in here, i forgot to ask critical question, as i have finished the session in 15 mins, whereby usually is 30 mins huhuhuhu

7. Malay listening and oral
damn, i screwed up my Malay!!!!

this is it!!

result on tuesday at 5pm
hope to get good result ♥


B o B o B z said...

bencong tuh adik lo n anak lo kali bakalan

Yohanna said...

amit amit

coy coy coyyyy

Meilani said...

gud luck ya bo!!
baru trial exam kn?
smangat! smangat!

Yohanna said...

nih lagi final exam cuyy =]