Sunday, November 23, 2008

weird thing occurred

hari ini minggu (23 Nov 08)
pagi ke gereja CKK, after mass, we went to pyramid by taxi (as usual), in the taxi, something wierd happened;

taxi driver (indian) greeted us "thank you for taking mu taxi" which i found quite awkward bcoz taxi drivers here are crazy, they thought they are in the Formula 1 Racing, drive fast like crazy. but after greeted us, this taxi driver didnt drive that fast.

he even told us stories about him being hit a lottery; (plot mundur) well, he is a Hindustan, but he always goes to a church in Penang every year (feast 26July) Perhaps this church is called St. Anne , located in Bukit mertajam, St Anne is Mother Mary's mother. And ppl going there to celebrate the birth of the Mother Mary, after going there often ppl get miracles.
but one time he couldnt go there bcoz no money. and he said silently "Sorry Mother Mary, this year i wont be able to visit You" Then at a night, this taxi driver dream of the Mother came to him and said "son, you have to go there"
wake up from his dream, he went to his friend and asked for some money, nd his friend gave him RM100 for him to go to this church.

after going to this church, this man went back to KL and he hit lottery worth RM18000. wow! such a big amount! wow wow wow. then arriving Sunway Pyramid, this man said "thank you" again??!!?? how weird isnt it?

First thing when i heard his story i remember the plan for The Portrait. i want to go there! pray for this plan and also pray for my family esp my father who have worked very hard for us! really proud of him but also pity him!

PS i know yoshie and lioe are going to be mad at me coz im the one who cant go there now. hmm.. no idea.. my mom is my everything.. i am such a good daughter ya know.. i know sorry wont solve this.. but promise will go there next 26 july, how is it?

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Meilani said...

what a great story there hehe..
maybe u should go na..

cia you!