Saturday, July 19, 2008

im back

after awhile, finally gw balik lagi buat nulis2 d blog gw yang udh ampir 1 tahun lebih gw lupain..fiuh...
well, pasti pada heran napa gw bisa mule blogging lagee..
soalnya gw tuh have no idea about what to do for today..

kmrn kamis ce nini udah back for good n i was like 'what??!!! cepet banget sih waktu berlalu?' mana gw kamis kmrn ada kelas kitchen lagi ampe malam getu.. so i couldnt mlepaskan keberangkatan dia.. T.T so sad..
we used to be together for the whole time of my college life and now i am alone with no one besides me and still continue-ing my term 5 and 6..

i should have been stronger!

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